Club resources

The Swim England Handbook 

The Swim England Handbook is the official guide to contacts, procedures and information about Swim England.

You can download the fully interactive Handbook by clicking here. It is in PDF format. Alternatively, you can read it online below. 

Constituting as a members club or unincorporated association

To help become a members club, or unincorporated association, Swim England has created a Model Constitution. It is a template allowing clubs develop their own document without having to write it from scratch.

This model is the simplest structure to start a club. It’s not subject to specific laws or regulatory requirements. It is also the most popular legal structure of clubs.

Access the Model Constitution and other key documents.

Resolving disputes

If you require help with a problem or dispute at a club in England, there are a number of options available to resolve issues within a Swim England club.

Some ways to resolve issues with your club:

Click or tap on the links below to find out more about each process.