Get into swimming

Swim England is the governing body for all the aquatic disciplines. They are also the leading organisation for teaching swimming and the of training swimming teachers and coaches.

Getting started

Everybody should learn to swim because swimming is the only sport which can save a life.


The best way to start enjoying swimming is to learn the right way and develop good basic skills. When you have those skills they will last a lifetime. 

With good skills you can choose whether you want to grow into a competitive swimmer, move into one of the other aquatic disciplines like water polo, diving and synchro or simply enjoy swimming as part of a fitness regime or help you develop a success career in triathlons.

Most clubs and swimming pools provide good quality lessons for children that follow the teaching plans developed by Swim England.

It you want to compete then you have to be a member of an affiliated club.

Joining a swimming club 

Whether you are an aspiring athlete with disabilities or not the process of becoming a competitive swimmer is the same.

If you are going to enjoy the sport you need a club that you feel comfortable in, is convenient, fits in with your lifestyle and provides you with the environment that helps you achieve your goals. 

Looking for adult swimming clubs?

If you are over 18 years of age and looking to join a club you need a  club that supports Masters swimming so make sure the club you are looking at has a Masters section – most do. For more information about Masters swimming look at our Masters pages.

If you to find out more about Masters swimming the Swim England Masters Hub is a good place to start.

How about trying ‘Wild Swimming’?

In Cambridgeshire we have some wonderful opportunities for a wild swim. Places where you can swim away from the crows and lane ropes and explore the county from a different perspective. 

You can find a lot more information and safety advice on our Wild Swimming page.